Movie Sound Effects Workshop

        The Art of sound effects in Movies.

                 Two workshops, 11am-1pm and 2-4pm Sat 17th June

Our kids workshop is suitable for children age 6 - 10.

                      Venue: Saint Nicholas National School Dunlavin.

                                                   Entrance Fee €10

Come join Caoimhe Doyle and Jean McGrath in an inspiring and fun Foley workshop for kids. Over the course of the workshop participants will recreate the sounds and voices of various farm animals in a sequence from Mark Baker’s Oscar-nominated short animation, The Hill Farm. Followed by a screening for kids & parents.

Foley is the recreation of everyday sound effects that are added to a film. These reproduced sounds can be anything from the swishing of clothing and footsteps to squeaky doors and breaking glass.

Caoimhe Doyle is an award-winning Foley Artist working in film sound since 1996.  She has worked internationally on a number of movies including Lenny Abrahamson's Room, Judd Apatow's Knocked Up, David Cronenberg's Eastern Promises which she was nominated for an MPSE Golden Reel Award and HBO's Game of Thrones: Season 1  which she was nominated for an Emmy Award and won a MPSE Golden Reel Award.  View Full credits on IMDB
Jean McGrath is an award winning Foley and ADR Mixer.  She studied Sound Engineering in London and has worked in film sound post-production since joining Ardmore Sound in 1998.  Jean has mixed Foley & ADR on many feature films and TV productions including Peter Jackson's The Lovely Bones and The Hobbit,  Lenny Abrahamson's Room, Liv Ullmann's Miss Julie, HBO's Game of Thrones: Season 1 for which she won a MPSE Golden Reel Award.  View Full credits on IMDB

Very much looking forward to visiting Dunlavin!

Caoimhe & Jean,